Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bock

(Technical University of Munich, Germany)

Prof. Thomas Bock; Lehrstuhl fuer Baurealisierung u. Bauinformatik;
Foto: © Astrid Eckert & Andreas Heddergott / TU Muenchen; Verwendung: frei fuer Berichterstattung ueber TU Muenchen unter Nennung des Copyrights

The research activities of Prof. Bock (b. 1957) center on automation and robotics in construction. All stages are examined, from planning through building activity and useful life to renovation and demolition.

After studying architecture at the University of Stuttgart and the IIT in Chicago, Prof. Bock did his doctorate at the University of Tokyo. He is the director at the International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction in Eindhoven, the Asian Habitat Society in Beijing and the International Institute of Construction Information in Tokyo. Prof. Bock is an advisor to the French Ministère de l’Emploi, de la Cohésion Sociale et du Logement . He is a member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, the Russian Academy of Sciences  and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus . Prof. Bock is also involved in editing “Robotica”, “Automation in Construction”, the “International Journal of Construction Innovation” and the journal “ACADEMIE”.